OREV markets irrigation systems in Denmark. We work with the most advanced high-end equipment in the market.

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OREV offers sales, installation, service and worldwide consulting.

If you need a professional and reliable solution for agricultural irrigation, please contact us at post(at)orev.dk or our office address:
Vestre Kongevej 7
8260 Viby J, Denmark.
Phone. +45 86 10 71 37
Mobile: +45 26 74 71 37.

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OREV distributes Netafim’s Irrigation products and systems for open field crops, greenhouses, orchards, landscape and industry.

Sprinklers & micro-sprinklers for open fields, nurseries, greenhouse and garden irrigation.

System accessories
Filters, electric valves, irrigation controllers, pipes, fittings, etc.

Drippers & dripperlines
– Compensating & non-compensating drippers: PCJ, CNL
– Dripperlines: UniRam AS, DripNet PC, Streamline, Techline.

All of Netafim’s products can be ordered from OREV.

Our preferred suppliers are:


montage copyTechline drip irrigation ensuring precise amount of water to each plant.

montage copyAqua PRO smart valve irrigation controller.

nmc-pro-orev-drypvandingNMC-PRO advanced controller for small to midrange applications.

montage copyPressure compensated and non-pressure compensated dripperlines.

montage copyBridgeless micro emitter eliminates dripping.

montage copyMixRite (by Tefen) precision-made dosing injectors/pumps operate on hydraulic pressure alone.

montage copyWater meters & water valves by ARAD.

montage copyPaskal manufactures roller hooks, tomato clips, net connectors and other smart products.